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  • Unity is Strength - Berhan Teff

    Unity is Strength

    Many of you that are a part of the Berhan Teff community know that all our Brown Teff Flour & Grain products feature a stunning illustration of a regal African Emperor sitting with his pet lions. What many don’t know is that the scene depicted in the illustration actually took place.
  • Teff Chai Smoothie - Berhan Teff

    Teff Chai Smoothie

    Try our new Teff Chai smoothie recipe, it's packed with protein and tastes amazing! A great way to start your day with Teff!
  • Happy Easter! / Melkam Fasika! - Berhan Teff

    Happy Easter! / Melkam Fasika!

    Easter is a time to spend with family, talking, celebrating and eating lots of good food!
  • Teff Waffles - Berhan Teff

    Teff Waffles

    This teff waffle recipe is nutritiously dense, and filling! This morning we added a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar for the added benefit for the immune system, and is a great substitute for eggs if you want to adapt this recipe to make vegan waffles.
  • Teff Muffins! #Quarantinebaking - Berhan Teff

    Teff Muffins! #Quarantinebaking

    Teff Muffins are a great way to start the day. Teff contains complex carbohydrates to give you steady-burning energy that keep you filled and ready to go! 
  • Welcome to the blog!

    If you're looking for a place to learn more about teff, its benefits, and uses, check out our blog! We'll also be posting about the culture and history surrounding this gluten-free grain, and the ways in which it was grown,...