Rediscovering the Lost Grain

“Rediscover the Lost Grain” 

One of the founders of Berhan Grains pictured the sun dawning above the forested hills overlooking a small countryside village in Ethiopia when trying to describe what she wanted the company to reflect. This image is reminiscent of the environment that she grew up in, and helped to inspire the mission and vision of Berhan Grains. The imagery also reflects the meaning of Berhan, the Amharic word for “light”, as well as the mission for this company- to introduce you to teff and use this amazing grain as a portal into the heart of Ethiopian/Eritrean culture, history, and cuisine. 

So what does it mean to “rediscover the lost grain”?


Teff is named after the Amharic word for “lost”, probably due to the tiny size of the grain. Teff is the smallest grain in the world. One teff grain is 150 times smaller than one grain of wheat, so it makes sense that this grain was named as something so easy to lose!


As an Ethiopian-Canadian family, the idea of “Rediscovering” teff acknowledges and honors our ancestors who have been cultivating teff for thousands of years, as well as all of the pioneers that have worked tirelessly to spread teff and its health benefits to the world. This slogan also foreshadows our goal of making new breakthroughs and discoveries for various benefits and uses for teff.


Re-discovering the lost grain is all about bringing teff, an African ancient-grain to your kitchen, and showing you how to incorporate it into your diet, while introducing you to the amazing culture, and history surrounding this tiny grain!