Over 10,000 years ago in the rugged and mountainous Ethiopian Highlands an Ethiopian discovered a tiny super grain that would change the course of history. Being able to grow well under tough conditions that would cause most crops to fail, the smallest grain in the world would become the fuel of empires and Ethiopia’s independence.

From the ancient empire of Aksum that stretched throughout east Africa across the red sea and into the middle east, to the Abyssinian empire, modern day Ethiopia and Eritrea, the tiniest grain served as both fuel to victory and comfort food. Even today Ethiopia’s famous long-distance runners have credited this grain for its incredible energy and endurance advantages, and it continues to remain a huge key to their success breaking world records.

If Ethiopia was “Wakanda” than this ancient super grain would be its “Vibranium”, this treasured grain was even found in the ancient Egyptian Pyramids. So what is this secret treasured grain and why are you just hearing about it now?

Meet “Teff” a naturally gluten-free ancient super grain that is packed with nutrients! Rich in dietary fibre, protein and containing a host of vitamins and minerals such as Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Zinc and more it’s easy to see why teff continues to be the staple food of the Ethiopian and Eritrean diet and is now gaining popularity around the world.

 Check out CTV News coverage of Berhan Grains and see how Berhan Teff is milled!

CTV News coverage of Berhan Grains