Teff Versus Other Super-Grain Flours

Teff Versus Other Super-Grain Flours


Teff is one of a number of grains that have been named ‘Super-Grain’ flours. While some people don’t like the constant lists of grains that keep being repeated and talked about as magic pills from the sky that render every other food ‘obsolete’ in comparison, we understand that there are grains with wonderful capacities to help us live healthier and better lives!


So where does Teff fit in as a super-grain?


Looking at the graph above, it’s easy to see how teff complements other super-grain flours with its rich and diverse nutritional profile.


Teff is also packed with protein and fiber, keeping you full for longer and provides all 8 essential amino acids to fuel your body!


Teff surpasses all other grains in its calcium content and is a great source of minerals such as manganese, iron, and phosphorus


Teff’s low sodium, fat, and GI index is also another great reason for you to check this grain out! Even the carbohydrates that teff contains are largely resistant starches that act like dietary fibers, improving our body’s ability to manage blood sugar levels, weight control, and improve digestive function!


Teff’s nutritional profile make it a “must have” flour to use with other super-grains, gluten-free flours, and gluten-containing flours as well. Check it out and enjoy the health benefits along with Authentica Abyssinica teff’s slightly nutty taste!


So, try using teff flour in your meals! It brings a delicious, fine texture to your meals along with heaps of health benefits! While teff works great as a substitute to ¼ to 1/3 of any flour in baking recipes, we can help you get started with recipes and give you some general guidelines on cooking with teff.


 Now that you know, come and re-discover the lost grain with us!




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