Authentic Abyssinica Teff

Authentic Abyssinica Teff

Originally discovered over 10,000 years ago in the Ethiopian Highlands, teff is a naturally gluten-free ancient grain that is packed with nutrients! Rich in dietary fibre and protein, teff also contains a host of vitamins and minerals such as:
Just to name a few ;)

Traditionally used to make injera, the flat-bread staple food of the Ethiopian and Eritrean diets, teff is a highly versatile grain that brings a slightly nutty flavour and works wonderfully in a wide variety of recipes that includes pancakes, brownies, cookies, breads, pizzas, and so much more!


Now, you too can enjoy the delightful taste and benefits of teff!



We work with our farmers to provide only the finest organic Authentic Abyssinica teff, sourcing exclusively from Ethiopia, Djibouti, and South Africa.