High Protein Vanilla Teff Waffle and Pancake Mix | Naturally Gluten-Free | Iron Rich | Fiber Rich

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  100%  Teff Guaranteed

100% Naturally Gluten Free Teff No Additives
100% Whole Grain No Preservatives
 Rich in Fibre No Fillers
 Rich in Iron  Fat Free
 High Protein

Berhan- High Protein Vanilla Teff Waffle and Pancake Mix

Sometimes, even if you’re looking for a breakfast that is naturally healthy, high in protein, and sugar-free, you want a little treat in there, too. We say you cannot go wrong with a stack of fluffy pancakes or crispy-on-the-outside, soft-in-the-middle waffles!

Using our special recipe, which includes nutritious teff flour and natural vanilla flavor, Berhan’s super easy, super tasty pancake and waffle mix is perfect with your classic favorite toppings like superfood blueberries or naturally sweet honey. Stack ‘em up!

✦ Versatile, ancient grain
✦ Gluten-free
✦ High in protein, sugar-free

Cooking Instructions & Information:
Just add water!

1. Combine 1 cup of Berhan Teff mix with ¾ cup of water.
2. Stir until the batter is combined, avoiding overbeating.
3. Cook according to your waffle maker's instructions.

1. Mix ½ cup of Berhan Teff mix with ¼ cup + 1 Tbs of water.
2. Stir until the batter is combined, avoiding overbeating.
3. Pour the batter into a pre-oiled and heated pan on low heat.
4. Cook until the pancakes start bubbling, then flip.
5. Serve and enjoy!

- Adjust the consistency by adding more water or a choice of milk.
- You may add a pinch of salt of your choice if desired. Salt is not added to provide healthy heart diet options.

Our warehouse is dedicated to being nut and tree-nut-free. While we outsource other ingredients, we do our best to prevent cross-contamination. However, we cannot guarantee that the waffle/pancake mixes are entirely free of traces of nuts and tree nuts.

We have also contacted suppliers of the other ingredients about the gluten-free products we source from them, and despite assurances of the gluten-free status of their ingredients, we cannot guarantee that they meet our strict-standards for gluten-content. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
My New Pancake Mix for Life

My wife and I picked a bag up to try at the Chapell Farms farmers market and we were not disappointed.

I’m currently eating 200-250g of protein a day, so to have a pancake mix that tastes great, is nice and light, is high in protein, and easy to digest is incredible.

Think they would be a nice healthy treat for kids too, will definitely be a repeat customer.

thank you for the kind review!

Nahed Squires
Easiest, tastiest crêpes

I just made a delicious crêpe with the Teff pancake and waffle mix. It is so easy to make and provides a healthy protein breakfast or snack. It will be my go to!

Thank you!

Traci Hale
Wonderful pancakes

I give the pancakes my brother made a 5-star rating because they tasted great and the best part is they were satisfying. I didn't over eat but felt very content after I ate them. I will purchase them again

Thank you for your review, and we hope you continue to enjoy our products!