Every Reason Why Teff Is The Perfect Baby Food

It looks like congratulations are in order! You’ve brought a new bundle of joy into the world and we’re here to tell you why teff is such amazing baby food.

Before we jump into the many reasons why, let’s make sure you know where teff comes from and how it’s made.

What Is Teff?

Teff is one of the first plants ever domesticated. Its history goes back thousands of years, and in its home region of Ethiopia, it makes up two-thirds of the daily protein intake. 

The most popular use of this super grain is to grind it into teff flour to make a variety of delicious dishes like injera. However, it’s also used to feed local livestock too! Teff is an inseparable part of Ethiopia’s economy and culture.

What Is Injera?

A meal in Ethiopia just isn’t complete without some injera on the side.

Injera is sour bread that is used like a utensil. Its spongy texture and porous surface make it the perfect tool for dipping and scooping porridge, stew, and other dishes made with a heavy sauce.

You can always buy it pre-made, but there’s something about fresh, home-made injera that just tastes better! Luckily we made it easy. Check out our guide on how to make injera yourself!

Before The Baby Tries Teff

You’re ready to introduce your baby to teff, but before you do here are a couple of health and safety tips to keep in mind.


Babies can start eating teff anytime after they begin eating solids. This usually happens around the six-month mark.

Stay Safe

While teff products and injera are not common choking hazards, it’s important to always stay within arm's reach whenever your baby is eating.

Solid Starts has an amazing guide to gagging vs. choking and how you should respond to both.


Another thing to keep in mind is being on the lookout for allergies to teff. While it’s not a common allergy, always introduce new foods in small portions and monitor for adverse reactions. Slowly increase serving sizes over time once the coast is clear.

Why Is Teff The Perfect Baby Food?

So many reasons.

It’s Packed With Nutrition

Not only does teff contain the calcium equivalent of a cup of milk, it also has a high protein content. Both are very important with your baby in super growth mode!

Vitamins galore

While it’s got lots of other nutrients, Vitamin C is the main attraction here. This will help strengthen your baby’s immune system, leaving them happy and healthy.

Helps With Poopin’

Another thing that isn’t in short supply in teff is fibre, contributing to overall digestive health and to helping them poop!

Dietary Nonrestrictive

Teff is both gluten-free and sits very low on the glycemic index, making it the perfect choice for blood sugar control and babies with gluten sensitivities.

We have tons of teff recipes on our What The Teff! Blog for you to check out, many of which are perfect for babies from 6-months to 2 years old.

Are you ready to cook with Berhan teff? We can’t wait for you to try it and see all the delicious, healthy foods you’re going to make with it. You can even share pictures with us on social media with the hashtag #teffrecipe!